mission statement


The Carers Coaching Academy is a positive force for good in the Alzheimer's Care Arena providing unique training and coaching materials that have a formula based approach to facilitating overcoming the key emotions that both a lay and professional carer experience

We have a passion to provide ongoing programmes that will enable carers to journey from inner turmoil to inner peace and calm in times of challenge that are both possible and sustainable

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your host & FOUNDER

(CSA Accredited Master Coach)

Sylvia has a Nursing background including Care Home Management. Now a Master Transformational Coach, it was her own journey with her husbands Young Onset Alzheimer's that inspired the Carer's Coaching Academy and a passion to teach solutions for the key emotions of this journey.

we believe

It is our belief that:- 

  • Everyone has a right to inner peace creation during times of major stress.
  • inner calm is achievable with commitment to strategies that will generate feelings of absolute peace when the challenges occur